Elaine Ou
Department of Electrical Engineering
Center for Integrated Systems
Stanford University
email: eIaineo [at] stan ford [dot] edu

I am a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University with a minor in Management Science and Engineering. I am currently a member of Professor Simon Wong's research group. I am studying resistance-change memory architectures and 3D circuits.

I graduated from Caltech in 2003 with a BSEE and did my undergraduate research work with the Asynchronous VLSI group. I then went to Harvard University and graduated with a Master's in Computer Science in 2005.

In 2004 I started a company, Aurora Finance. I'm still spending way too much time with it.

Here are some things that I do for fun.

Why I am going to grad school: Statement of Purpose

Wanna hire me? Here is my CV.

Last Modified April 10 2007